Saturday, June 2, 2018

Stop!! Hibari-kun! 13-18

As I said in my end-of-2017 summary, Orphan is working on two relatively long series this year. One of them, of course, is Stop!! Hibari-kun!, the 1983 comedy series. It's still a struggle, but here are the next six episodes. I won't repeat all the background from my introductory post on the series. Nothing has changed - or does change, for that matter, because the show is completely episodic. Cross-dressing/transgender/"new half" son Ozora Hibari is still the best-looking girl in the Ozora family; the family's adopted orphan, Sakamoto Kosaku, is still utterly confused about his feelings toward Hibari; and the rest of the family is still perplexed, apoplexed, bemused, or amused about the whole thing, often at the same time.

What has changed is that laalg, the wonderful translator who worked for Yoroshiku, Orphan, and other teams, has returned after a five-year absence. She translation-checked this group of episodes, doing more of the signs and providing additional information on parodies and cultural references. The rest of the staff remains pretty much the same. Moho Kareshi translated; Yogicat timed; I edited and typeset; Juggen styled the OP and ED; and Nemesis and konnakude QCed. M74 encoded from a remastered DVD box. A few translation notes for this group of episodes: 

Ep13. Hibari-kun presides over a yakuza gathering and attracts unwanted attention.
  • "Ultra Manji" is an Ultra Man parody. "Kamen Raida" is a Kamen Rider parody. "Nagoya Arale Yakuza Boss" is a Dr. Slump parody.
  • Pollock roe is a Hakata specialty and is super spicy.
  • Maple-shaped buns are a Hiroshima specialty.
  • In addition to bringing their regional specialties, the yakuza bosses speak in their regional accents.
  • Hibari shooting up the Crazy family is a "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" parody.

Ep14. The school's playboy, Honda-kun, makes a play for Hibari-kun but meets his match.
  • All of Honda-kun’s "killer" looks are named for manga artists. Ikegami Ryouichi was the artist on Sanctuary. Chiba Tetsuya was known for sports series like Ashita no Joe. Egushi Hisashi was the creator of Stop!! Hibari-kun itself.
  • Honda-kun and his sidekicks Yamama and Suzuki are, of course, named for famous Japanese motorcycle brands.

Ep15. Seiji-san has a secret admirer. Who could it be? 
  • The three girls in their dark outfits (around 18:08) are a parody of Cat’s Eye. 
Ep16. Tsugumi falls in love again, this time with a movie actor who is playing the lead in a superhero flick.

Ep17. Kosaku discovers Ibari's lost photo album, which is filled with pictures of... Kosaku's mother? 
  • The poem on the wall at 15:51 is a parody of the Hyakunin Isshu, which goes:
In the mountain depths,
Treading through the crimson leaves,
The wandering stag calls.

Ep18. Honda-kun tries again, with no better results.
  • In Japan, "getting your hands dirty" means playing a dirty trick rather than digging in on physical work. 
By this point, the series was running short of manga material. Episodes 15, 16, and the B part of 17 are anime original and focus on supporting characters: 15 on underboss Seiji, 16 on oldest sister Tsugumi, and 17B on boss Ozora.

When will the next mini-batch be coming out? I don't know, so please don't ask. It's entirely a function of the translation checking process. (Always looking for help there.) In the meantime, you can get this group of episodes at the usual torrent sites or from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on