Friday, December 7, 2018

Nine 2: Koibito Sengen

Here's the second installment in the Nine trilogy, Nine 2: Koibito Sengen (Nine 2: Declaring Love). It covers our heroes' (and heroines') second year at Seishuu High, with the usual double focus on baseball and romantic comedy.

When we last saw our main characters, Niimi Katsuya and Nakao Yuri were beginning to see themselves as a couple, but Katsuya was being pursued by a rising track star, Yasuda Yukimi, and Yuri by rival Bunan's third-year pitching phenom, Yamanaka Kentarou. New complications arise in this episode, as Kentarou's younger brother Jirou joins the Seishuu baseball team and promptly falls for Yukimi.

Except for Katsuya, most of the characters are fairly clear about their feelings. However, out of diffidence or immaturity, Niimi doesn't want to disappoint Yukimi by saying he likes someone else or be forthright with Yuri about his feelings. This causes problems for everyone else, particularly Yukimi, who nurtures hopes that cannot be realized. Even Katsuya's wingmen see what's going on and tell him, fairly forcefully, to get his act together. Meanwhile, the team must once again face arch-rival Bunan in a pivotal game.

The voice cast is pretty much the same as Nine: Original-ban. The new role of Jirou was played by Hirano Yoshikazu, who appeared in a number of shows in the 1980s. After that, he moved into live TV as a host, narrator, and producer. The Orphan staff is unchanged. Moho translated; laalg checked the dialog and signs, and Sunachan checked the songs. ninjacloud timed. I edited and typeset. BeeBee, Topper3000, and VigorousJammer did QC. The raw is a laserdisc encode from Piyo Piyo Productions.

A note on the translation of the subtitle, Koibito Sengen. In Japanese, koibito is genderless, meaning lover or sweetheart. The literal translation would be "Lovers/Sweethearts Declaration." However, in English, "lovers" has a more sexual connotation, and "sweethearts" is rather old-fashioned. Because the core theme of the episode is Niimi struggle to face up to his feelings, I've used the neutral "Declaring Love" as the subtitle.

You can get Nine 2: Koibito Sengen at the usual torrent site, or from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on

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