Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ultra Nyan 2: Happy Daisakuse

Nyan, Haruka, and the whole human and feline gang return for a second adventure in 1998's Ultra Nyan 2: Happy Daisakuse (Ultra Nyan 2: Great Happy Operation or Happy Battle). Like the first Ultra Nyan, this is technically a movie, because it was shown on a twin-bill with yet another Ultraman movie, Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna Light Star Warriors. And in a somewhat surprising development, this installment is wittier (and better) than the first.

This time around, Nyan, Momo, Anko, Kosuke, and the Professor are challenged for control of their territory by a flock of angry crows, led by boss crow Nobunaga.

The crows have been driven from the countryside by habitat loss and moved to the city, where Nobunaga has become enamored of discarded lunches from Haruka's cram school. However, he becomes more and more irritable and itchy, just as the students at the school start suffering from allergies, eczema, and other ailments. He leads his crows into battle against the cats, and their aerial attacks are difficult to withstand, even though the local cats get help from Ryuuji the wandering minstrel cat, who is the newly returned father of Anko's kittens, and even from some friendly Dobermans.

It turns out that in pursuit of "building brains from the inside," the cram school has been adding more than a hundred "nutrients" (i.e., chemicals) to its lunches, afflicting humans and crows alike with allergic reactions. Fortunately, Haruka decides to emulate Nyan and go on a mostly fish diet; this cures her. With the help of a violence-averse crow named Goemon, Ultra Nyan, Haruka, and friends must find a way to cure the crows of their allergies and prevent the outbreak of an interspecies war. Not surprisingly, it ends well, but it's unusual to see a kodomo anime that mentions both habitat destruction and food adulteration.

The core cast is unchanged, but this episode has at least one distinguished newcomer:
  • Ootsuki Akio (Nobunaga) starred as Black Jack in all of the Black Jack properties. He played the title roles in Ambassador Magma, Blade, and Montana Jones, Gozo in the Aika franchise, Batou in the Ghost in the Shell franchise, the villain All for One in Boku no Hero Academia, and Nyanko Big in one memorable episode of Tada Never Falls in Love. He played George in Condition Green and the narrator in Fire Emblem, both Orphan releases. He is currently appearing in both Golden Kamuy and Karakuri Circus.
  • The late Naya Rokurou (Ryuuji) had featured roles in Batman: Gotham Knight, Eureka Seven AO, Fake, and Zatch Bell. He played Masato in Neko Neko Fantasia, an Orphan release. He died in 2014.
  • Bandou Nyoki (Goemon) has had numerous featured roles, including Captain Tsubasa, Madlax, Monster, and Rescue Wings. His most recent appearance was in the fifth Natsume Yuujinchou series.
  • Kouda Naoko (Ramnmaru, Nobunaga's right hand crow) had featured roles in Hidamari no Ki, an Orphan release, Monster, and Shigofumi.
Sunachan translated the show, and ninjacloud timed it. I edited and typeset. BeeBee and Topper3000 QCed. banandoyouwanna encoded from an R2J DVD. (It's a bit big, but I'll rail about the topic of encode sizes some other time.) It's odd that Ultra Nyan 2 was released on DVD but Ultra Nyan, released only a year earlier, was not.

You can get Ultra Nyan 2 from the usual torrent site or from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on