Saturday, February 14, 2015

Miyuki - Forever Selection

Blame BakaBT for this.

When I offered the Miyuki batch on BakaBT, Al_Sleeper asked about including the AMV (animated music video) special called Forever Selection, which offers nine songs in complete form set to excerpts and stills from the series. The FroZen-EviL team hadn't considered the special important and hadn't encoded or scripted it. I didn't want to include a random Internet raw in the batch, and BakaBT didn't want to accept the torrent without it. So a compromise of sorts was reached: the batch went up with just the 37 TV episodes, and Saiei's version of the AMV went up separately.

Even though it's a music video, Forever Selection includes a small amount of dialog. I decided to make a script for the dialog. While I was at it, I included the signs that had been typeset as well. The result was never formally offered, although I posted a patch file to add the script.

However, I was quite dissatisfied with the result. The Saiei raw suffers from a lot of jitter, because it hadn't been put through image stabilization during the encode process. It doesn't "fit" with the rest of the series, video-wise. Accordingly, I badgered Skr, the series' encoder, to do Forever Selection. He graciously agreed. I adapted my script to the new raw, which required redoing all the typesetting because of the much-reduced amount of jitter, and now the special is released.

Forever Selection does not include song translations. All of the songs in the TV episodes are excerpts from longer pieces, and the full-length versions were never translated. Still, even as just an AMV with a bit of dialog and some signs, it's a nice reminder of the show and its soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it.

This version has been added into the batch on BakaBT and the separate AMV has been deleted.

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