Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tokimeki Tonight

Tokimeki Tonight has been on my list of orphan series for a long time, but I didn't think there was much chance to do anything about it. Then, in fairly short order, I found raws, a translator, and best of all, a member of the original Saitei team who had access to the scripts, karas, styles, etc. konnakude made it possible to revive this show, and Orphan is proud to present the next episode. It's an Orphan-Saitei joint project and has the approval of the Saitei group leader, who had to give up fansubbing due to real life issues.

Tokimeki Tonight is a harmless early 80s comedy series about a high school girl, Ranze Eto, who happens to be the daughter of a vampire and a werewolf. She really just wants to be just a normal girl, pursue her high-school crush, Makabe-kun, and fend off her rival, Kamiya, who's from a Yakuza family, but she has these powers - which are sometimes great to have and sometimes not so great. There's not much plot continuity, so each episode can be taken on its own, once you understand the basic premise. Because of that, we'll be releasing each episode as it's ready, rather than waiting for all eight.

The Orphan releases will preserve continuity of phrasing, appearance, and styling with the Saitei releases. That means, frankly, that the fonts are too small. However, the vertical and horizontal margins have been increased for readability. Because these final episodes are softsubs, you can change the fonts and the styles if you so desire. In addition, these episodes are fully typeset; the jittery nature of the video makes motion tracking essential.

This is the first Orphan project for which I have not been the project leader and the editor. konnakude is fulfilling both roles admirably. Moho Kareshi translated the scripts, and kokujin-kun graciously agreed to check them. Ephemere timed the first episode, ninjacloud the rest. I've done the typesetting and shared QC with CP, pheon18, and Eternal_Blizzard. The raws were found on the Web and are of unknown provenance.

So let this article stand as an overall release note for the final eight episodes as they roll (slowly) off the production line. Sit back, relax, and don't let the vampires bite.


  1. Oh, wow, this project started up again,
    good job *thumbs up*.

    And... yeah... thanks ^o^

  2. Nice. I wonder how people will find out about this?