Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo movie 1 HD

Aren't you sick of the first Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo movie yet? I certainly am. First, Orphan did the laserdisc version. Then we did the "full 480p" version. And now, here is a 720p version, encoded from an HDTV broadcast. It's certainly the best looking of the three, but watching the show for the third (and because of encoding problems, fourth) time has been a true test of patience.

The release has actually been ready for some time. Skr encoded the raw back in December, 2017, and the script was ready in March of this year. However, when I put the final version together, I discovered a video glitch. At my request, Skr had image stabilized the encode, in order to make the typesetting easier. However, that caused black bars to flicker in and out in four separate scenes of an out-of-focus figure running through a heat haze. A new encode was needed, and as this requirement was surfacing, Skr was packing up to move a new apartment. He's come back online only recently.

I've already written extensively about this movie, so I don't see any reason to rehash the plot or the cast. Iri did the original translation and M74 the original timing. I did the original editing and typesetting and bananadoyouwanna, M74, Nemesis, and VigorousJammer the original QC. For this release, Yogicat shifted and retimed the 480p script. I edited and typeset (third time's the charm). konnakude did a release check. Skr did the encode (three times as well). The raw is rather large for a 720p show, but there were banding and grain-loss issues at lower sizes. It was easier just to throw bits at it, as was done before for Hashire, Melos!

Is this the end for Kindaichi Hajime, boy detective, and the Phantom of the Opera, or could there be yet another version, based on an actual Blu-ray release? For the sake of my sanity, I hope not, but one never knows, do one? The two Kindaichi movies have clearly been remastered for high-definition. A Blu-ray is only a matter of a little bit of licensing and a lot of money.

Meanwhile, you can get this high-definition version of the first Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo movie from the usual torrent sites or from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on


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