Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Viewer's Guide to Stop!! Hibari-kun 19

Episode 19 of Stop!! Hibari-kun! is a non-stop cascade of parodies, references, and verbal and visual puns - so much so that the normal "translation notes" simply won't suffice. During translation checking, laalg generously annotated her critique with references and pointers. So here, without further ado, is a viewer's guide to episode 19.

1:57 "I'm sick of my bosses. But I feel great."

A three-part pun: 課長(ka'chou')がなんだ; 部長(bu'chou')がなんだ; 胃腸(i'chou')は元気だ . Shades of P**** B*** Cafe!

5:27 "We have come to greet you." Sabu is styled as Goemon from Lupin III.

5:37 "Where are the monkey palanquins?" Monkey palanquins are actually from Indian folklore.

5:53 "I'm a ninja." A Ninja Hattori parody.

6:04 "Where's Mothra?!" A famous Japanese monster film.

8:50 "I love movies! Narayama! Senmeri! YMO! Antonio Inoki!"

This refers to four Japanese movies: Narayama; Senmeri (known in the west as Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence); YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra); and Antonio Inoki.

10:46 "You're such a jerk!" A visual pun. There's a hippo dangling upside-down on Suzume's Naginata spear. カバ (kaba - hippo) upside-down is バカ (baka - jerk).

10:48 "Sir, you're an idiot!". Another visual pun. Kosaku is holding a pig with a ま(ma) dangling underneath. Pig, 豚, here read as とん (ton), and ま(ma), yield とんま (tonma), idiot.

12:26 "I'm Ishin Tasuke." A beloved fictional fishmonger who appears in many stories.

13:41ff Hibari and Kosaku are dressed as Bonnie and Clyde from Arthur Penn's movie of the same name. There are visual quotes from the movie, including the famous death scene.

16:54 Before Shina shows up on his motorcycle, three other riders appear: Kaiketsu Kuro Zukin, then Kamen Rider, and finally Eguchi Hisashi, the mangaka.


20:47 Ibari is dressed as the famous baseball player and coach, Sadaharu Oh.

I'm sure there are more, but that's quite enough for now!

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