Monday, March 26, 2018

Condition Green

Inferious Wakusei Senshi Gaiden Condition Green (War History of the Inferious Planets: Condition Green, or just Condition Green for short) is a 1992 science-fiction OVA series. It documents the attempts of evil Emperor Vince (Vince? seriously?) of planet Gazaria to conquer the other habitable planets in the Inferious Galaxy, specifically planet Emerald Earth. The Gazarians can deploy mighty armies of robot armored warriors and flying fighters, but their Ultimate Weapon is a mobile, self-aware fortress known as Moby Dick (Moby Dick? seriously?). As a countermeasure, the overmatched Emerald Earth military forms an elite special-operations squad, Platoon 801, code-named Condition Green, to stop the enemy.

Condition Green is led by a disillusioned major, Keith Winters. It includes Father George Garedean, a fighting priest and expert in guns and explosives; Edward Maclegan, a marksman and ladies' man; Shou Yazaki, a computer hacker; and Yan Novellum, a Yuronian pacifist with esper powers (and a light saber). The Yuronians are a homeless people; their home planet was destroyed sometime in the past. Yuronians can be found on both sides of the battlefield, which makes them objects of scorn to both the Gazarians and the people of Emerald Earth.

On the other side, the invasion force is led by Yent Skarr, who looks rather like a one-eyed elf. He is supported by the Frayley sisters, Paula and Liza, who provide most of the fanservice in the show. The Frayleys are Yuronians determined to show that their people can succeed at anything, even military conquest. Paula created the mobile fortress Moby Dick and is in love with Dyme, the personality (person?) inside its "Bioloid computer." Liza is determined to destroy Condition Green at any cost. Watching all this is the Emperor's representative Jado, a three-eyed alien with an agenda of his own.

The episode arcs are mostly the same. The Gazarians start some military gambit that threatens Emerald Earth with destruction. Condition Green is sent out to stop it, and after the usual hazardous adventures, including encounters with the luscious but deadly Liza Frayley, they succeed. However, Moby Dick is the ultimate Boss that Condition Green must face, and both friend and foe know it. Still, the show is not just Mission: Impossible in space. The war is shown realistically. There are terrible casualties, civilian and military, from the opening scenes. And the good guys do not emerge unscathed.

Nakamura Daiki (Keith Winter) had numerous featured roles in everything from hentai to children's shows. Hayami Sho (Yan Novellum) played Hojo in Sanctuary and Pat Leivy in Starship Troopers, both Orphan releases, as well as the lead, Kouji Nanjo, in Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989. Tsujitani Kouji (Shou Yazaki) played the lead role in the 3x3 Eyes OVAs and Guy in the original Ai no Kusabi. He also appeared in Yuukan Club, an Orphan release. Sakakibara Yoshiko (Paula) played Sir Integral Hellsing herself in the original TV series and the Ultimate remake, as well as Melinda Hearst in Dallos, an Orphan release.The director, Yamauchi Shigeyasu, also did Boys Over Flowers and Xenosaga, among other credits.

Iri started translating the series, and Sunachan finished it. ninjacloud timed the episodes. I edited and typeset. VigorousJammer and konnakude did QC (Calyrica and Xenath3297 QCed episode 1 in an earlier form). Erik of Piyo Piyo Productions encoded the show from his own Japanese laserdiscs. It has never been released in digital form.

Condition Green never really rises above its pulp sci-fi plot, and numerous plot threads are left hanging. Perhaps they are resolved in the drama CDs. Still, it's an entertaining ride (and NSFW in a few spots), and it's not a teaser for other media. You can find the release on the usual torrent sites or on IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on


  1. Awesome!! Love you guys, your always full of surprises!

  2. Not for nothing, but I wouldn't mess with a guy named "Vinnie." At least its better than Bavi Stock's titular character, named after "Bavi" Kennedy.

  3. Many thanks as always for these vintage stuff!

  4. I very much appreciate your effort to resurrect and fansub this very obscure title. As an animation art collector, I've had a perverse love for this series, having picked up at auction the complete autograph storyboard for Episode 3 in 2006 (for 500 yen IIRC). That has some of Liza Frayley's most memorable moments, and since then I've been able to supplement this document with some of the scattered cels and backgrounds that have popped up for sale. Your fansub allows me to put some of this art more firmly into context in my online anime art gallery corridors (e.g. ).

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