Monday, September 18, 2017

Dragon Fist, Take 2

When Orphan released Dragon Fist last year, we used an Internet raw based on a VHS tape; it was the only raw available at the time. Subsequently, the team's ongoing shopping spree for second-hand Japanese laserdiscs turned up a copy of Dragon Fist. After some delay, it was shipped to Erik of Piyo Piyo Productions; after further delay, he released a new encode; and after even further delay, we retrofited the original script to the Erik's encode, producing a new version of the show.

The new encode is a significant improvement in video quality over the original; however, the show is the same old Dragon Fist - mystical Chinese martial arts crossed with high-school drama crossed with sci-fi cloning experiments. You can read the original blog entry for more details and the original credits. For this version, ninjacloud tweaked the timing, I tweaked the typesetting, and banandoyouwanna did a release check.

This new version supercedes the previous version, which will be deleted. You can get it from the usual torrent sites or from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on


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  2. thank you for this release. I would like to know if you could make HQ scans (300 or 600 dpi) of the two pages of the flyer which is supplied with the LD (

  3. Outstanding work you guys! My first " real " writing should have been on the Al Caral No Isan release ( Also an dream come true-release ) - however, since this was the first project I commented on - Once again I offer one of the Dragon Fist CD Soundtracks by Kawai Kenji from my site. Enjoy!