Monday, December 26, 2016

GR ~Giant Robo~ (2007) Special

Here's a little something to close out 2016: the special from the 2007 version of GR ~Giant Robo~. Apparently, this was the pilot for the TV series. However, there were significant changes between the pilot and the actual show, including a different writer and a different director. Thus, the special is less a promo for the series than an alternate version of how the series might have looked.

Iri translated and timed this, and I edited and typeset it. (The typesetting is twice as long as the dialog.) M74 encoded from an R2J DVD ISO.

The show itself has never been subtitled in English, and Orphan has no intention of subbing it either. I don't do mecha or robots, unless the show has Youko (i.e., Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann).


  1. Hi from Italy and from my fansub IDIF. I follow you every day and I really like your vintage releases. I have just translated a few of your project in Italian like The Lion Books, Ginga Tensen 2100 and Hashire Melos. Now I have a little question for you Orphan, there is a chance to have english subs for this 2 OAV, Kaze wo Nuke or Mr.Typhoon? I have a Russian rip for Kaze wo Nuke at good quality if you need, for Mr.Typhoon I have a low quality raw. Thanks always for all the work you do!

  2. Many thanks for this release. I've been loking for it for at least 7 years!
    I think that this is just an homage to the original manga by Yokoyama, because the mini-scenes follows closely the manga. This is how a faithful GR anime would have looked as. Still, Imagawa's GR is truly a masterpiece.