Saturday, February 13, 2016

Uncle C Needs You! (Recruiting)

Orphan Fansubs has always been a small group. It started as a one-man shop (me) and gradually expanded to a core staff of half-a-dozen regulars. However, a combination of bountiful sources and the natural ebb and flow of team members (mostly ebb, alas) has now reached a critical state. Most of our projects are stalled for lack of resources, while the availability of interesting raws has continued to increase.

I am looking for one or more translators/translation checkers and one or more QCs. For the moment, resources for timing, editing, typesetting, and encoding are sufficient.

These projects use original scripts and are stalled on lack of translation checking (and sometimes, song translation):
  • Stop!! Hibari-kun. From DVD ISOs. 35 episodes.
  • Boyfriend. From laserdisc. 1 full-length movie.
  • Bite Me! Chameleon. From Internet raws. 6 episodes, double length.
  • Marginal Prince incomplete episodes (9-14). From Internet raws. 6 episodes.
These projects use existing subtitles and are stalled on lack of translation checking:
  • Gosenzosama Banbanzai DVD softsub. A check of episode 1 showed that the show needs a full translation check. 3 episodes (2-4; 5-6 were done by a different translator).
  • Yume Tsukai. From DVD ISOs. 12 episodes.
  • Cosprayers. From DVD ISOs. 16 half-length episodes.
These projects require original scripts and need a translator:
  • Techno Police 21C. From laserdisc. This has only been available as a VHS dub. 1 episode.
  • Dokushin Apartment Dokudami-sou. From laserdisc; ecchi. 3 episodes, double length.
  • Greed. From laserdisc. 1 full-length movie.
  • Condition Green. From laserdisc. 6 episodes.
  • Sanada 10 incomplete episodes (10-12). From DVD ISOs. 3 episodes.
  • Nora and Nora 2 (Twinkle Nora Rock Me). From laserdisc. 2 episodes.
There are even more possibilities, but I think you get the picture.

A translator/translation checker candidate needs to be proficient in spoken Japanese (old shows don't come with closed captions) and have an adequate command of English. A translator/translation checker does not need to be a native English speaker, although that doesn't hurt, of course. A QC candidate needs to have experience with fansubbing tools (particularly Aegisub) and to understand how to check not just dialog but timing, signs, and video quality.

If you're interested - even in just a subset of the projects - I'm on IRC almost all the time under my Collectr handle.

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