Thursday, February 11, 2016

Code:Breaker OVAs

Returning to our original mission of completing unfinished shows, Orphan presents the second and third Code:Breaker OVAs. The first was subbed by Hatsuyuki Fansubs, although the release has a problem: some of the fonts weren't muxed in, notably the main dialog font. An unofficial patch to add the missing fonts can be found here.

Code:Breaker is a tense little series in which high-school martial arts heroine Sakurakouji Sakura suddenly finds herself in the midst of a secret society of superpowered vigilantes, the Code:Breakers, who in time-honored anime fashion use their powers to ruthlessly kill anyone they (or their superiors) regard as evil. Sakura becomes a cross between their warden and their mascot, and the show itself seems a bizarre hybrid between shounen and otome, with the Code:Breakers acting as both action heroes and Sakura's quasi-harem. It seemed to end inconclusively, in the time-honored shounen way, with the death of the apparent Boss leading to the discovery of the next Boss.

When the Code:Breaker OVAs were announced, I hoped that they would continue the main story and provide a greater degree of closure. Alas, it was not to be. The OVAs are collections of comic or ecchi vignettes. The Code:Breakers' superpowers are not used much, and the theme of battling evil disappears entirely. Instead, we get a Valentine's Day story, a White Day Story, a beach episode, a hanami (flower-viewing) story, a Christmas sketch, and a couple of mini-episodes about Nyanmaru as the hero of a children's show. It's all played for laughs and fanservice, with Sakura's and Ouji's assets prominently on display. In short, harmless fun - or mostly harmless.

Moho Kareshi translated both episodes, and Skr checked OVA 2. M74 timed the episodes, I edited and typeset, Juggen created new karaokes for the OP and ED, Calyrica and konnakude QCed, and bananadoyouwanna encoded from DVD ISOs.The OP and ED romanji are from the Hatsuyuki release, but the English translation is from the R1 DVDs. Hatsuyuki was also used for Nyanmaru's song and the styling of the chapter names in OVA 2.

Note: the nyaa torrent site is having chronic problems due to DDOS attacks. If you cannnot reach nyaa to download the torrent, here is a magnet link.


  1. It's a good think they didn't continue the story, most likely. The manga degenerated into a convoluted mess after this part. Bad guys popping up out of nowhere, every single fight ends with someone pulling a new power right out of their ass, battles raging on for months with no progression. It degraded about as much as Bleach did, but without many endearing characters to keep you watching. Sad, really.

  2. "Returning to our original mission of completing unfinished shows"

    Here some shows that did not get subbed so far

    Stop!! Hibari-kun! (only 5 episodes were subbed)
    Queen's Blade: Grimoire
    Mushibugyou 3rd OVA
    The Empire Of Corpses
    Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst OAD
    Triage X OVA

    1. So many good shows, so few translators...

      I can say that Stop!! Hibari-kun is in the works, but it needs a translation checker. See the blog entry on recruiting (Uncle C Wants You!).