Friday, September 11, 2015

P**** B*** Cafe Batch

This blog entry has been DMCAed by some bloody robot three times. I have no idea what words or phrases it's picking up, so everything suspect has been replaced with asterisks. If this doesn't work, I'll ROT13 encode the whole thing.

Media companies, if you're going to use robots, at least use intelligent ones!

Here's my "last word" on P**** B*** Cafe. The batch includes the fifty episodes, the three non-credit OPs, the twelve non-credit EDs, the "picture drama" special, and three archives of scans from the original Ruell-Next torrent. Episodes 1-13, 26, 32, and NCED01 received v2's, for font problems (1-13, NCED01) and typos (26, 32). All episodes can be patched; the patch file can be downloaded from here.The entire series can be burned to four DVDs, with room left over for the two soundtrack albums.

The picture drama is just a storyboard version of episode 26; there is no new content. However, its two skits are among the best. "The New Panda" follows the chaos that ensues when Mr. Temp Panda is hired to supplement the regulars at the zoo's Panda Corner, and the zoo runs a popularity contest to select the "central" panda. "Reunion at the Grizzly Bar" introduces us to the "fierce beasts" - Lion and Tiger and Wolf (oh my!) - and muses lightly on what happens as we grow older and settle into our lives. "Reunion" features a guest appearance by the mysterious rapper MC 469MA, who is none other than P**** B*** in shades. 469MA is a pun, of course. In Japanese, four is "shi", six is "ro", and nine is "ku", so 469MA is "sh*ro kIma" (p**** b***). Who knew?

So it's time to say goodbye to the gang. Here they all, all together under the blossoming cherry trees in episode 50 (even Mr. Shoebill and Ms. Donkey)

while the core quartet does what it does best - work together to make their friends happy.

I want to thank ninjacloud and Calyrica for timing and QCing the entire series; convexity, deltakei, and Moho for translating the songs and untranslated signs; and Juggen for the ending karaoke in episodes 23-26. I also want to thank the other team members in Orphan Fansubs, who have waited patiently while their projects got slow-tracked behind P**** B*** Cafe. And of course I want to thank the original subbers and encoder (Ruell-Next).

Thanks for watching P**** B*** Cafe.


  1. Good day.

    Firstly, thank you for sharing this wonderful anime in glorious Bluray releases to us. I really love this anime, they give those warm and fuzzy feeling that makes me wanting for more.

    In my love to this series, I'm planning to make a non-profit Indonesian translation project. My only goal is to make this anime become more well-known in my country, nothing less. And surely, I won't get any financial profit. So, is it alright if I use your releases and Horrible's subtitles for the project? If there is any procedure I have to follow first, can you please kindly describe it for me?

    Whatever your decision is, I respect it, I'm waiting for some good news from you guys. Please reply my comment or e-mail me at

    Kind regards,
    Vang Stampede

  2. thank you For sharing this awesome anime. Can i retranslete your sub into my language? Don't worry, i won't erase your credit because i know how hard to make subtitle is. so i will waiting reply from you...
    Whatever your decision, i'll respect it. But i hope Shirokuma's fans in my country happy with your news. :) Please send your reply at
    Thank for all your hard work.

    Kind regard
    Aby kaze