Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yamataro Kaeru (Yamataro Comes Back)

Yamataro Kaeru (Yamataro Comes Back) is the fourth installment of a Tezuka Osamu anthology series called "The Lion Book Series." It consists of six standalone episodes:

1 The Green Cat 1983
2 Rain Boy 1983
3 Lunn Flies into the Wind 1985
4 Yamataro Comes Back 1986
5 Adachigahara 1991
6 Akuemon 1993

Orphan has already released The Green Cat, Rain Boy, Adachigahara, and Akuemon. With this release, only Lunn Flies into the Wind remains.

This version of Yamataro features an original English translation paired with ARR's dual audio encode, which had only Japanese subtitles. Yamataro is a sentimental and slightly weird take on friendship, in this case between a brown bear cub rescued from an ice flow and a class C62 steam locomotive. The steam engine teaches the bear cub how to be strong and break free from his human masters and then returns the cub to the wild. They have another, fateful encounter when Yamataro has become an adult.

Moho Kareshi did the translation, and convexity the translation checking. Eternal_Blizzard did the timing, I did the editing and typesetting, and CP, Calyrica, and konnakude did the checking.

Our last remaining Lion Book project is Lunn Flies into the Wind, which needs a new translation. In the meantime, enjoy this newly subtitled Tezuka Osamu episode.

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