Sunday, July 21, 2013

Doukyuusei Climax

Okay, this time we're really, really done with the Doukyuusei series.

Doukyuusei (Classmates) Climax is a sequel to the first Doukyuusei OVA set,  Doukyuusei: Natsu no Owari ni (in English, Classmates: The End of Summer). It has nothing to do with Doukyuusei 2/Sotsugyusei, although the heroine of the second series, Narusawa Yui, makes a cameo appearance in Climax. Like all the Doukyuusei's, Climax is a soft-core h-anime, with sex scenes that require no censoring due to careful camera angles and convenient sheets and blankets. It continues the story of Mooroka Wataru and his harem of girls (Miho, Misa, Kurumi, and Satomi) from The End of Summer. It also provides a side story about the sidekick character, Sakagami Kuzuya. As with Sotsugyusei, Climax makes very little sense if you haven't watched the prequel. Fortunately, The End of Summer was distributed on R1 DVD and is widely available.

Why did we bother with Climax? Primarily because several of the team members are fanatics about completing series. Raws were available, and so was a translation, so why not? As with Doukyuusei 2, the translation is by anonymous, retiming by archdeco, editing and typesetting by me, and QC by CP and Saji. Climax is set at a school festival, so there's a ton of signs. I tried to typeset as many as I could. However, there's a limit to how much frame-by-frame work I'm willing to do, so {\an8}Sign: style signs abound. The raws are from the Internet and are fairly terrible, with lots of interlacing and frame blending. There's even video corruption in episode 1 (around 14:33) to make the mess complete.

As I've written before, if anyone has better raws for the Doukyuusei series, the team would be willing to retime and re-release. Orphan does not have a resident encoder; accordingly, finished raws are preferable to DVD ISOs.

This is the end, for now, of Orphan's foray into h-anime. I'd still like to do the legendary 26th episode of Maze, if I can find a raw (I lost the one I had in a disk crash), but that's definitely on the ecchi side of the line.

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