Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student (Honoo no Tenkousei)

So here's Blazing Transfer Student, another oldie with a checkered history. A set of external subs by PJS, credited to "Howard Kawaii," has been floating around for a while, but they were incomplete and in need of work. Al_Sleeper, "Mr. Never Satisfied" on BakaBT, brought this show to my attention and provided raws and the original subtitles. The Orphan team agreed to pick it up. As usual, laalg translation checked, archdeco retimed it, I edited, styled and typeset, and CP and Saji found (most of) my errors or omission and commission.

Blazing Transfer Student is a parody of 70s fight anime, particularly Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow's Joe). Based on a manga by Shimamoto Kazuhiko, it features, as Wikipedia notes, "intentionally jerky animation, dirty-looking cels, thick black lines, and retro character designs, much like Shimamoto's drawing style." There's lots of sly, self-referential comedy, including the "color commentator" for the fights being named Shimamoto, after the author of the manga, and the "deathblow punches" having names that take longer to pronounce than to deliver (a serious problem, by the way). The fight announcer, Mikami, sounds just like the announcer in Yawara!, but I can't find any overlap in the casts.

The plot is as simple as possible. Takizawa Noboru has transferred to Jyakuniku Private High School, where any disagreement can be settled with (near mortal) combat. His initial encounter with "god on duty" Jounouchi Kouichi almost ends in disaster before he is rescued by the timely intervention of the lovely and flat-chested Yukari-chan. Instantly smitten, Noboru attempts to defend Yukari-chan from the nefarious attentions of the school delinquent, Ibuki Saburou. Mayhem ensues as Noboru tries to wrest Yurari-chan from Ibuki's grasp. Many manly poses are struck and deathblows attempted before the completely predictable denouement. It goes by in two breezy episodes, leaving nary a trace behind.

The raws that we used are from a LaserDisc source, by an unknown group. They have fairly terrible frame-blending problems, particularly in the action sequences, but they're the best available.

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