Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anne Frank

doll_licca and I have just finished working on The Diary of Anne Frank, and it should be available through the usual distribution sources soon. This is another project from the back catalog. C1 Anime was in the final stages of QCing the movie when the group effectively disbanded in mid 2009. After doll_licca and I successfully finished C1's incomplete Perrine, we decided to finish this project as well. We're very grateful to C1 Anime for permission to use their script. Moho Kareshi did the original translation, and nameraka the original edit, for C1. doll_licca did the translation checking and rough timing to the new raw, I did the styling, final editing, and fine timing, doll typeset and encoded, I QC'd. Accordingly, we're calling the result an Orphan Fansubs/Licca Fansubs coproduction.

This was an extraordinarily difficult project to work on. For most fansubbers, World War II and the Holocaust are remote subjects from history class, but I was born just after World War II and studied that era extensively in college. It seemed unrelievedly depressing to me back then, and it still does. While the movie tries to place an uplifting spin on the story, the facts are grim, and the ending is undeniably tragic. I had to work on the movie in small sprints, as it was too overwhelming to watch continuously.

More information on Anne Frank and her diary can be found on Wikipedia.

Note: doll_licca just released a revised version of the Hi10P encode, using a raw provided by Revo. This clears up some aspect ratio concerns with the original encode. Many thanks to Revo for his help.


  1. Thank you so much for completing this release. :) I've been waiting since 2009 for this! ^_^

  2. Wow. Didn't think anyone would take up this movie, but guess I was wrong! But I love Licca Fansubs in general, so congrats to you both for completing this wonderful anime movie (which I will definitely watch if I have time!).

    May I offer a suggestion for another anime movie you guys can sub together? Momoko: Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo. It is an ungodly underrated anime movie about a boy who has a disabled sister and has to deal with her going to school with him. Doll_Licca told me she has the RAW for it, but maybe you guys can do a joint-sub of it together.