Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Who Are You?

Greetings, Collectr here. I'm going to use this blog to discuss anime topics and trends that I find of interest. Whether you find them interesting will depend on whether you share my perspective, so a brief self-introduction seems to be the place to start.

I've been working with fansubbing teams for about five years, mostly as an editor and QC (quality checker). I'll do timing under duress, and I can do static typesetting, but I would not claim to be expert at either. I am (or was) part of C1, Mendoi/Menclave, Black-Order, Ureshii, Yoroshiku, Frostii, and Monokage; I've freelanced for more than a dozen other teams. In all, I've worked on more than 1500 scripts.

My taste in anime is eclectic. I tend to like shows about grown-ups, because I'm a lot older than most fansubbers. I'm also partial to science fiction and slice-of-life comedy. I don't much like mecha, sports anime, or shounen shows that run endlessly. However, I'll work on just about anything, particularly if it's a project to "rescue" a series that has never been subtitled or is only partially subtitled.

Because I'm an editor and QC, my focus tends to be on the words - the subtitles - rather than the visuals. My eyesight is not the best, so discussions of video quality, turning on arcane issues of preserving this or that detail, leave me cold. I can tolerate the occasional video artifact, but bad wording, spelling, or grammar will stop me cold.

Okay, enough. Subsequent entries will include:
  • Collectr's Curmudgeonly Guide to Editing. This is a long document that summarizes my beliefs about editing.
  • Simulcasting and its impact on fansubbing.
  • Resubbing: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Rescuing orphaned series.

See you later!

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