Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Stop!! Hibari-kun! Episodes 31-35

So Stop!! Hibari-kun! stumbles across the finish line with five random episodes showing the scriptwriters scraping the bottom of the barrel for reused story lines and tropes. Time travel, body swapping, psychic powers... as far from the core story of Hibari-kun and Kosaku as you can imagine. As always, the episodes are intermittently amusing, but like Tokimeki Tonight!, Stop!! Hibari-kun! should have ended at the standard 24 or 26 episodes.

The usual notes:

Ep31. An ensemble episode featuring every recurring character. Once again, Suzume is the real center of the story.

Ep32. The cast is transported to the Heian Era, where they meet... E.T.?
  • The title is a nonsense mixture of The Pillow Book (枕草子) and The Tale of Genji (源氏物語).
  • Shina's bull (his Heien era substitute for a motorcycle) is named Nanahan (750), after Honda's line of 750CC motorcycles that took Japan by storm. The sticker on Shina's back (see above) is the sign for a beginning driver.
  • "Lady Iwasaki." Iwasaki Shibiku - Shibiku was a title for ladies serving in the palace.
  • The "kiss coupon" destination is a play on the lyrics of the Japanese children's song Donguri korokoro. Instead of "oike ni hamatte saa taihen" (acorn rolled into the pond), it's "oike ni hamate saa hentai" (pervert rolled into the pond), so Pervert-in-the-Pond Station.
  • The train line is "okame," meaning an effeminate man. "Okame" is usually a derogatory term; transgender women refer to themselves as "newhalves," a wasei-eigo.
  • The coupon is dated 4/4, an unofficial day for cross-dressers, which falls midway between Girls' Day on 3/3 (hinamatsuri) and Boy's Day on 5/5 (tango no sekku).
  • The ogre story is based on Rashomon, a Noh stage by Kanze Nobumitsu about the hunt for an ogre near Rashoman (south Kyoto gate).
  • The decrepit gate sign is a play on the word "rashomon," with the middle kanji changed to "crazy" (rakkyomon), so Crazy Gate.
  • The UFO is a zenpoukouenfun style kofun or a keyhole.

Ep33. Hibari and Kosaku switch bodies. A tour de force by the voice actors. This episode required more typesetting than any other in the series.
  •  Occult Ottosai's "Disguise #28" is a parody of Tetsujin #28.
  • The sentence from the Tokyo University entrance exam is verse 15:23 of the Analects of Confucius. The translation has been slightly abridged for time.
  • When Kosaku successfully translates the passage, Iwasaki-sensei rings the victory chimes in the style of the long-running music program NHK Nodo Jiman.
  • "The great blue sky is on my side." From 人を恋うる歌, a poem by Yosano Tekkan.
  • The billboard advertising "Takamumasamune" is a parody of 菊正宗, Kikumasamune, a brand of moisturizing cream.
  • In Kosaku's second dream, he gets roasted by three movie monsters (see above). Anguirus is on the left, Godzilla in the center, and Rodan on the right.
  • The audience for the climactic boxing match includes (again) Hulk Hogan and Q-taro, as well as Captain Kaji in thick black glasses.
  • The yellow book in the preview is titled "Chinko (Penis) Inc."

Ep34. An episode centered around Captain Kaji and his unrequited - and never to be requited - passion for Tsubame.
  • Okita Soji was the captain of the first Shinsengumi unit.
  • Confronting Kaji, Ibari is shown as Chandlar from Ultraman.
  • Tsubame's pose, shown above, is a parody of the popular 1974 soft-core porn movie, Emmanuelle.
  • Hibari tries to curse the Kotetsu High team using the ushi no toki mairi ritual.
Ep35. Hibari-kun receives psychic powers from the household's white alligators.
  • "I am an alligator. As yet I have no name." A parody of the opening lines of Natsume Soseki's I Am a Cat
  • "I'm the gold man who can tell the difference." A parody of a Nestle Gold Blend coffee advertisement.
  • Among the toys that Ibari tries to give Hibari is a Robby the Robot figurine from Forbidden Planet.
The staff is the same as for the previous mini-batches. Moho Kareshi translated; laalg checked the translation, added additional signs, and decoded many of the references. Yogicat timed; I edited and typeset. Juggen styled the OP and ED; and Nemesis and konnakude QCed. M74 encoded from a remastered DVD box.

There will be a batch torrent to clean up oversights in the original releases. Meanwhile, you can get this group of episodes at the usual torrent sites or from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on irc.rizon.net


  1. Thank you so much for subbing this series. I've wanted to see this show for years. True Heroes!!