Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coming "Soon" from Orphan Fansubs

Thanks to a lot of help from translator colleagues, notably laalg, my old friend from Yoroshiku Fansub days, convexity, from the Tezuka Osamu projects, archdeco, from FFF, and macros74, another fan of old and mistreated anime, Orphan Fansubs will be releasing some new, never before subtitled shows, as well as proper subtitles for several others. Shows in the queue include:
  • Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de "Hachiyoushou" special, "Where the Heart Belongs." The DVD release of Haruka Naru included many specials: eight alternate endings or omake (one for each bishie in the show), two extra episodes (the so-called "Ten" OVA and this one), and a recap. The alternate endings and the "Ten" OVA were subtitled by Kuruizaki way back when, but this is the first English translation of "Where the Heart Belongs." The subtitles are from Orphan Fansubs; the raw is from ZaZa raws; the karaokes are from the original C1 Anime fansub of the TV series. I don't plan on subbing the recap. RELEASED.
  • Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 2 OVA. This three episode OVA is based on a later game in the Haruka Naru series and has a different set of characters from the TV show. However, both the heroine and the eight Hachiyou are interchangeable with the TV characters, and the plot premise is identical. The subtitles were translated from the AnimeFreakz German DVD rip by macros74 and then checked, retimed, edited, and styled by Orphan Fansubs. The raw is from AnimeFreakz and unfortunately has a single broken frame in both episodes 2 and 3. If anyone has access to a better source, please let me know. RELEASED.
  • Urusei Yatsura OVA, "The Obstacle Course Swim Meet". This recent OVA, issued in honor of the 50th anniversary of Shounen Jump Sunday, has been translation checked, retimed, styled, and typeset. Raw from dmonhiro. RELEASED.
  • Sotsugyousei. When this three episode OVA was released by ARR, it included unintelligible English subtitles that were apparently machine translated from Chinese as well as a Russian audio track. The Orphan version will include a new translation that has been retimed, edited, styled, and typeset. The raw is from DestroyKing. RELEASED.
  • Dallos. A request from a colleague on BakaBT. The existing subtitles are inaccurate and badly timed. The Orphan version will include a new translation that has been retimed, edited, styled, and typeset. The raw is from the existing BakaBT torrent. RELEASED.
  • Nagasarete Airantou. Probably the oldest project I have. Polished Subs put the Ayako subs to DVD raws, but the flaws in the original subtitles remain: bad timing and editing. The subs are being translation checked, retimed, and re-edited. This will be credited as Orphan-Polished. RELEASED.
  • D4 Princess. This utterly forgettable short (8 minute episode) series has been abandoned several times, and the VHS(!) fansubs are not very accurate. The Orphan version will include a checked translation of the first six episodes, and new translations of the others. The raw is being encoded from R2J DVDs. Status: Translation: done; encoding: 1-6. We might use tipota's excellent raws for this.
  • Usagi Drop Live Action. The existing subtitles are inaccurate in spots and badly timed and edited. The Orphan version will include a checked translation that has been retimed, edited, typeset, and styled. The raw is from the existing BakaBT torrrent. (If you have a better raw, please let me know.) ON HOLD: Commie says they're going to do it.
macros74 and I are dreaming of ways to finish out Borgman 2058 and Yamato 2520, both of which have one untranslated episode.

(Updated 16-Jun-2013)


  1. As before, my offer to edit/TLC those Nagasarete Airantou subs still stands.

  2. I found a link of ddl for the Usagi Drop film bdmv. If you're interested, I could link you to it.